Saturday, August 29, 2009

Odds n' Ends

Phew, it's been awhile! Almost 3 weeks since my last post ... and when I published it, I vowed to myself that I would start blogging more regularly, have thought of a lot of things in the past few weeks to blog about, but just didn't get up the time and energy - at the same time! - to actually sit down and blog!

And of course, now that I do have a little bit of time, I can't think of a thing to write. Go figure! Things have been busy, a lot of end of the summer fun to be had. My mom went back to school this week, and all the kids go back to school next week.

Work has been extremely busy, and I've been putting in some extra hours. It helps keep my mind occupied - and it's been tiring me out! Work has been good though ... I had my yearly review, got my raise, and have joined a couple extra things to get more involved.

I went with my Mom a couple weeks ago shopping, we took all of the school-aged kiddos in the family shopping for school supplies. It was a riot! We were armed with lists for all of them, they each got their own cart - which they were ecstatic about, and got to pick out their own things. There are 4 of them - 5th grade, 2nd grade, 1st grade, and kindergarten. It was so much fun watching them pick out everything they wanted, and seeing my Mom so happy and excited in doing it all! We were a sight to behold ... we took up basically the entire back to school section in Target! After filling up their carts, they each got to check out themselves, and Grandma gave the money to pay the cashier. It was such an experience, it was a blast for all of us!

It's set to be a busy weekend. The MN State Fair one day with one sister, and the MN Zoo another day with another sister! Hopefully I'll have some cute pictures of the little ones when the weekend's over. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed weekend!

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