Thursday, September 3, 2009

All God's Creatures

On Sunday, I went to the MN Zoo with my sister and her 2 little ones. As we walked around and saw all of the animals, birds, amphibians, etc., I was reminded how great God's creation is. Then we entered the butterfly house ...

I learned that a butterfly only lives for 2-4 weeks. "Seriously???" I thought. Such beautiful, delicate creatures only live that long?? I was amazed ... and then reminded of how fragile life is. Reminded that I need to appreciate my life, while I'm here, appreciate the things I'm able to do, and appreciate the people in my life.

And in other news - I'm going to the Casting Crowns concert at the MN State Fair tonight. I'm super excited!! I've seen their concert special on tv, but haven't been to a live concert yet. Love their music, and can't wait to see them live!

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